BBT and ELCA introduce Sumex to 11 health insurance companies
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Highly scalable auditing system at 11 health insurance companies

BBT and ELCA introduce Sumex to take the auditing to the next level

An important step towards process automation

How long does it take a health or accident insurance company to implement a modern, flexible and highly scalable auditing system? Some IT projects run for years, but the collaboration between BBT and ELCA is not one of them: Within one year, 11 health insurance companies and two organizations successfully took their own auditing to the next level.

On August 10th,  Glarner Health Insurance (GLKV) introduced Sumex, the innovative invoice auditing solution from the Swiss IT company ELCA. The management of GLKV was immediately convinced by the cooperation with ELCA and BBT. Hanspeter Zweifel, Managing Director of Glarner Health Insurance (GLKV): "We are proud that we were able to introduce Sumex as a pilot together with BBT and ELCA. Our requirements were recorded and implemented within a few months. With Sumex and BBTIndividual, we have a modern solution that optimally supports our performance monitoring and management. »


A few weeks later the next organization followed

In mid-September, only 5 weeks later, the introduction at the Gemeinsame Einrichtung KVG (GEKVG) followed. Urs Ackermann, Head of the Assisting Carrier Division, GEKVG: "We work on behalf of all health insurers in Switzerland and consistently digitalize our processes under cost-benefit consideration. Process efficiency and process transparency are central. The deep and sophisticated integration of BBTIndividual with Sumex fits perfectly into our strategy.”


Three more introductions followed in October

At the end of November 2020, Sumex went into production at another 6 companies. The high pace cannot be taken for granted. Vuong Nguyen, Member of the Management Board, BBT Software AG: "The cooperation with ELCA is very good and we were able to keep the planned deadlines throughout. Our customers are currently testing the specific configurations. Sumex and the integration with BBTIndividual are running stably and we are sure that we will be able to complete the remaining implementations as planned. In these projects we are the general contractor for our customers".


The formula for timely results

Felix Musterle, General Manager SUMEX at ELCA, also emphasizes the very successful cooperation with all participating partners: "It's an ideal combination: extensive experience, expertise built up over many years and a high level of process affinity. This is the formula for prompt results. This is how these rapid implementations were made possible for all health insurance companies and organizations in the first place".


About  BBT Software

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